Drop Off and Pick Up

Please make note of the following guidelines regarding pick-up before school and drop-off after school:

  1. Decide where you will meet your student(s) after school. Meet on the playground, meet at the turnaround area, or another prearranged location.
  2. Before school, drop off your children in the turnaround area, along the sidewalks in front of the school, or another safe place.
  3. DO NOT USE staff parking lot for dropping off or picking up students.
  4. Before school, proceed through the school to the lines and DO NOT linger in the quad area.
  5. Before school, wait with your student on the line, but encourage your student to proceed to the classroom with their teacher and other students at the beginning of school by themselves teaching independence.
  6. Students may not play in the quad area after school or on the kindergarten playground.
  7. Any parent who is a parent volunteer must register in the office and wear a volunteer sticker at all times while on our campus.
  8. Parents are encouraged to communicate and interact with teachers before and after school. We want parents to be part of the learning process and we also want to create a productive learning environment at our school.